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To Dig or Not to Dig

I hope that this is not even a question now that we have a better idea of where Irma is headed.  Even our earliest peanuts planted around April 17th would only be 145 days on the 15th of September.  Reports from  Agents in our area and south show the early planted crop is at least 145 days and in some cases 150 days.  Everything I have scraped is right at 145 days and has been progressing nicely thanks to the last little rain that we received.

This means that we should have plenty of time after we dry out from Irma to get peanuts dug without much in the way of losses.  All of the samples that I have looked at are holding up well with regards to peg strength and leaf spot except for a few fields with short rotations.  The addition of some better white mold fungicides has also helped to keep that disease at bay this season as well.

We will need to be timely following the storm and I think we may need to start digging based off of field conditions.  I know that most growers know how to set up and operate their equipment but here is some rainy day reading to help you if you want to refresh yourself on “Peanut Digger and Combine Efficiency”