I posted a recent blog post on Neopestalotiopsis, a new pathogen associated with strawberry production in Florida. Unfortunately, the disease has now been confirmed in Georgia. Samples were sent to Dr. Natalia Peres, and she graciously confirmed that we do have this new pathogen showing up in commercial strawberries. Currently, we think the pathogen is coming in on transplants from nurseries. However, the fear is that once established, it will move to weeds and other plants that surround strawberry fields — establishing itself. The photograph below and the fact sheet from the University of Florida should help you in part to identify the disease. However, this disease does mimic other pathogens, as you can see in the fact sheet. Please work with your local county agent should you have questions concerning this or other diseases of strawberry.

Image of Neopestalotiopsis leaf spot from Georgia strawberries (provided by Mark Frye; Wayne County Cooperative Extension Service).
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