Spider Mite Damage on Strawberry

Shane Curry (Appling County Extension Agent) sent a photo of spider mites (see attached) on strawberry, and the numbers are tremendous.  Strawberry producers should be scouting for mites at this time, since the conditions have been warm enough for the mite population to explode in some areas, despite significant rainfall.  Some of this might be related to populations developing under ground covers.  Without regard, scout.  Additional photos of spider mite symptoms and damage are also attached.

This level of mite damage will result in significant plant injury and loss. (photo provided by Shane Curry)

This is a field shot of spider mite damage. Note the yellowing or bronzing of leaves as well as curling. (photo provided by Jennifer Miller).

Lower leaf surface of mite damaged plants. (photo provided by Jennifer Miller)

Upper leaf surface of mite-damaged plants. (photo provided by Jennifer Miller)