Prevent Misuse

Protect yourself and loved ones from opioid misuse.

Follow these steps to keep your community safe:

  • Know the basics. Understand the risks of opioids and what to look for. Talk to your doctor about medications before you take them.
  • Read the label. Look for common terms on your prescriptions. When in doubt, call your doctor or pharmacist and ask.
  • Don’t share medicine. Sharing medication is illegal. Talk to your doctor to know the risks of medications before you take them.
  • Dispose of opioids properly. Throwing out opioids could get them in the wrong hands. Avoid a chance for misuse by using 24/7 drop boxes. Find a drop box in your community.
  • Tell your friends. Share this information with your community. Show kids the risks of opioid misuse through Journey’s Magazine.

More Resources

Want to learn how to protect yourself and your community from opioid addiction? UGA experts are here to help.

Learn more about opioids from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) and the World Health Organization (WHO).