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  • Our UGA Extension Economist – Amanda Smith, has finished the 2023 budgets and the Crop Comparison Tool. You can see all Agriculture budgets at: https://agecon.uga.edu/extension/budgets.html All of the information for budgets and the tool use estimates based off of predictions for 2023. To get the best use of these materials you should download the file…

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  • 2023 Jeff Davis County Production Meetings

  • 2023 Corn Short Course

  • Soybean/Small Grain Expo in Perry

    December 15, 2022 at the Georgia National Fairgrounds and Agricenter Invitation Letter and Speakers:

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  • Precision Soil Sampling

    As growers finish harvest they will dive into soil sampling for the 2023 crop season. Last week the UGA Precision Ag team posted a great article on grid sampling size. You can find it here: https://site.extension.uga.edu/precisionag/2022/11/precision-soil-sampling-grid-size-efficacy-vs-cost-considerations/ Many growers use a consultant or service for soil sampling. If you don’t, and would still like to be…

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  • Fruiting Position Value In GA Cotton

    Cotton defoliation is underway across the state of Georgia. There are many fields that will sit and wait as growers focus on peanut harvest. Data collected in 2019 and 2020 are a reminder not to leave it too long. Percent Yield per Fruiting Position Fruiting Location 2006 2019 2020 mean Jeff Davis #1 Jeff Davis…

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  • We have more soybeans in Jeff Davis County this year than in previous years. If you need more info on anything soybean related, you can access the UGA Soybean Production Guide here: https://grains.caes.uga.edu/content/dam/caes-subsite/grains/docs/soybean/2021-Soybean-Production-Guide.pdf Redbanded Stink Bug are a major pest of soybean. For stink bug pictures and info on damage to beans check out this…

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  • White Mold

    Bob Kemerait, UGA In my 22 years as an Extension specialist at the University of Georgia, I cannot remember a season more favorable for white mold on peanuts than this one. (White mold, also known as “stem rot” and “southern blight”, is caused by the fungal pathogen Sclerotium rolfsii.) From pictures sent to me by…

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  • In case you missed it in the June Cotton News here is some good info from Dr. Phillip Roberts: Tarnished plant bug is an occasional insect pest of cotton in Georgia. Primary damage caused by plant bugs is feeding on small squares in plant terminals. However, plant bugs may also feed on large squares, small…

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  • Several calls have come in about an odd looking weed in peanut and cotton fields. At first you will think a grass species is coming up. Then the leaf begins to broaden. We are seeing Tropical Spiderwort and other types of dayflower all over the county. I pulled out the publication below to give several…

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