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  • In case you missed it in the June Cotton News here is some good info from Dr. Phillip Roberts: Tarnished plant bug is an occasional insect pest of cotton in Georgia. Primary damage caused by plant bugs is feeding on small squares in plant terminals. However, plant bugs may also feed on large squares, small…

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  • Several calls have come in about an odd looking weed in peanut and cotton fields. At first you will think a grass species is coming up. Then the leaf begins to broaden. We are seeing Tropical Spiderwort and other types of dayflower all over the county. I pulled out the publication below to give several…

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  • Grain Harvest – Timely Info

    I wanted to pass along some info on grain drying and stored insect management sent this week from our Grains Agronomist. We want to get our small grains out quickly as quality can drop fast and they can sprout if exposed to rainy weather very long like we are starting to get in some parts…

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  • Row Crop Irrigation Guide

    So far this year we have seen hot and dry conditions. You won’t see many water sensors and pivots with weeds growing on them in 2022! So I thought it was a good time to remind growers of the UGA Irrigation Guide. This sheet shows water needs of each crop by days after planting. It…

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  • I know many of you are looking for options to cut back or eliminate glyphosate because of cost and availability. I wanted to put out the updated weed control sheets to make sure you all have options. Dr. Prostko suggests using glyphosate in burndown but eliminating its use in season for corn, soybean and of…

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  • UGA Beef Programming

    There are lots of programs coming up for our beef cattle producers!!!! Our Jeff Davis County Cattle Production Meeting is set for March 1st at noon. Sign up by the 25th if you plan to join us at the Hazlehurst Golf Course and Civic Center. The Tifton Beef Cattle Short Course is also on March…

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  • 2022 Ag Forecast

    If you missed the 2022 Ag Forecast you can view the recordings here: General Session: https://kaltura.uga.edu/media/t/1_t7aqvt4o Livestock/Poultry: https://kaltura.uga.edu/media/t/1_1uzkskj8 Row Crop: https://kaltura.uga.edu/media/t/1_qvq47fyy Horticulture: https://kaltura.uga.edu/media/t/1_u4w0r0mz Forestry: https://kaltura.uga.edu/media/t/1_bxdco4u5

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  • Weed Control Alternatives for Field Corn

    Extension Specialist Eric Prostko put out some comments on alternative weed control in corn for 2022. You can read his points here: I continue to hear much chatter about the shortages/price increases for Roundup (glyphosate) and many other herbicides.  Thus, I would like to remind you of some of the options available to field corn growers…

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  • 2021 On-Farm Cotton Variety Trial Results

    Here are the 2021 Cotton Variety Trial Results. The top 2 yielding varieties in Jeff Davis County were; DG 3615 B3XF and DG 3799 B3XF. If the pictures are blurry you can view by clicking here:

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  • 2022 Jeff Davis County Production Meetings

    Below is our Jeff Davis County Extension Production Meeting Schedule for 2022. I hope that you find benefit in attending these meetings to get up-to-date information for your farming operations. Private and Commercial Pesticide Applicators will receive 1 hour re-certification credits. Contact our office to sign up for these events at least two days before…

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