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Fungicide Resistance Concerns

Dr. Katherine Stevenson’s fungicide sensitivity testing program is a wonderful service for Georgia’s pecan growers and I would encourage all of our growers to take advantage of this opportunity. It is free to the grower and provides orchard-specific information about the potential risk for scab resistance to the most commonly…
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Bot Canker

I’ve seen a number of young orchards recently with trees suffering from die-back. While much of this has been related to cold damage, some trees are feeling the effects of a subtle problem that often goes unnoticed until it becomes severe. Botryosphaeria canker or “Bot canker” is caused by a fungus…
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May Beetle Damage to Pecan

It seems that every year we see something new on pecans. This year I have seen two or three orchards suffering from May beetles feeding on the foliage. Normally even if you see a May beetle here or there in the orchard, its no cause for alarm but I have…
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Desirable Leaf Drop

  I’ve had a lot of calls over the past couple of weeks regarding the dropping of green, healthy-looking leaves on ‘Desirable’. Looking back in my notes, this is something that seems to happen every year but we often have short and selective memories and choose not to remember seeing…
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Shoot Die-back

  When the temperatures heat up in late May and early June, the calls begin to come in from growers who are noticing the new shoots of their young trees, which had looked so healthy, are beginning to die-back. This is a problem that is not necessarily restricted to young…
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Leaf Scab Thriving in Georgia

The heavy disease pressure of 2013 left an abundance of pecan scab inoculum in the orchards just waiting for the conditions we have observed this spring. The frequent rainfall has allowed scab to explode on susceptible varieties, generating more leaf scab than has been seen in a long time throughout the…
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