Photo credit: Andrew Sawyer

UPDATE 2/17/2021: The first hits on log traps deployed at Cook County was recorded last week. With temperatures predicted to be above 60F in the coming week or so, keep an on your vulnerable trees for ambrosia beetle attacks in the coming weeks.

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It is that time of the year again where we have to keep an eye for ambrosia beetles. This is especially true for those with young trees (<5 years old).

The rain we’ve been having the past weeks could mean that some trees could be subjected to flooded conditions which makes them vulnerable to ambrosia beetle attacks. If soil remains saturated for several days, scout trees in those areas for signs of attacks once beetle activity has been detected and/or when temperature consistently reaches 68°F or higher.

Photo credit: Lenny Wells

We have traps deployed in the Cook County area and we have not observed any beetle activity as of yet. In south GA, beetle activity normally starts in early Feb with peaks in late Feb – mid March.

Below are some reminders on how to monitor for ambrosia beetle activity in your orchards.

Remember the best way to protect your trees from ambrosia beetle attacks is maintaining healthy trees. Ambrosia beetles normally do not attack healthy trees.

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