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Bark Shedding

Every year I receive calls regarding trees in which the bark sheds for no apparent reason. This understandably creates great alarm among growers. I see it most often on Desirable but it can occur on other cultivars as well. Usually the outer bark layer sloughs off  exposing the inner bark layer, which has a brown or cinammon color. As long as you don’t see the light yellowish/white wood underneath the bark and the tree is showing no other signs of problems, the tree is fine.  Here are a few photos I have received this year of this problem:

See this 2015 post covering the same topic for more info

Bottom line here is don’t panic, the tree is just doing its thing.

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About Lenny Wells

I am a Professor of Horticulture and Extension Horticulture Specialist for pecans at the University of Georgia. My research and extension programs focus on practical cultural management strategies that help to enhance the economic and environmental sustainability of pecan production in Georgia.