On March 8, the USDA mailed ballots to pecan growers in the 15 states that produce pecans.  Beginning on March 9 and ending on March 30, growers will have the opportunity with their vote to express their preference for acceptance of the Federal Marketing Order for Pecans.  In addition to expressing their preference, voters will indicate their average inshell production over the four production years of 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014.

The FMO can be approved in one of two ways.  Either 2/3rds of those growers voting approving the measure or 2/3rds of the volume of production voting in approval will cause the FMO to pass.

The qualification for a grower to vote in the Referendum is either 50,000 inshell pounds of average production over the four years OR 30 pecan acres, including planted acreage not yet in production.

If a grower does not receive a ballot by Monday, March 14, he or she should contact the Southeast Marketing Field Office of USDA at the phone number noted below to have a ballot mailed:

(863) 324-3375

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