USDA hearings for the Federal Pecan Marketing Order will be held July 27-30 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Tifton; 201 Boo Drive, Tifton, Georgia. The increasing pecan acreage has many growers concerned that the increased production from additional orchards will cause prices to bottom out as soon as these nuts begin to hit the market. If the industry continues with business as usual and there is a problem with the export market, that potential is there. However, the Federal Pecan Marketing Order has the potential to change this scenario. In order for pecans to approach the profitability level of almonds and pistachios, the pecan industry requires significant money to put towards marketing and research. This kind of money can only be generated with a national marketing order. The almond and pistachio industries have proven this works. By the same token, if we are to meet the increased demand a marketing order generates, we need increased production to provide a consistent supply of pecans, which has been a problem in the past. See the article by Mike Adams, President of the American Pecan Board, explaining this in more detail here.

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