Nut Scab lesion developing on small nut

I visited with UGA Plant Pathologist Tim Brenneman for a while yesterday and the early results of his fungicide trials for the year have revealed a significant finding that could be of value to your scab management program. Dr. Brenneman’s results showed that adding a surfactant to the DMI/Strobilurin mix fungicide products like Absolute significantly reduces the incidence and severity of leaf scab over the fungicide alone. Similar results are expected with the effect on nut scab. Dr. Brenneman used a 90/10 surfactant but expects the same results could be obtained with an 80/20 surfactant. Also, similar results would be expected with the other DMI/Strobi mix fungicides like Quadris Top and Quilt. The inclusion of a surfactant with DMI’s like Enable, Tebuconazole, Orbit, Propimax or Bumper mixed with Tin would likely be of benefit as well. Just be sure to jar test for compatibility when using any new tank mix. With the at least temporary shortage of Elast, this provides us with another good tool to fight scab. DO NOT ADD A SURFACTANT WHEN USING ELAST due to the increased risk for burn.


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