A new Kocide product from Certis, Kocide HCu, has recently been introduced. As a formulated product, it is 50.1% metallic copper by weight. It does have a labeled rate for cover sprays, but at labeled rates, it is likely to cause significantly more damage than you would want to see.  I am not familiar with this product, but based on past trials, the labeled rates of 1-3 lb in the cover sprays would be “hot.” Based on my calculations, we would recommend 0.1 to 0.3 lb of product in the cover sprays — significantly less than the labeled rates. I received an e-mail last evening from a producer in another state that did use the product, and he reported significant if not complete defoliation on peach last year. Our recommendations for the Southeast are standardized to metallic copper rates that we have reviewed over time.  Again, I am not familiar with this product, but I would expect damage based on the rates of metallic copper found in the cover spray section of this label. Carefully review other labeled rates as well before using Kocide HCu in the various peach phenologies. We do not have this product listed in our current spray guide, so be sure to contact your local county agent if you have questions concerning this product and its use on peaches, as well as other products.

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