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Invasive Plants in the Home Landscape

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Honeysuckle is a common invasive in our landscapes.

Have you enjoyed the sweet smell of Chinese privet blooms or the loved the privacy provided by Callery pear trees? Have you wondered why so many plant enthusiasts hate them? Sometimes it is hard to see beyond our own backyards to the ecological and financial harm afforded by privets, kudzu,…
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Summer Weeds in Your Garden: Chamberbitter

Summer is here and so is the onslaught of summer weeds.  A weed that is problematic for many gardeners is Chamberbitter (Phyllanthus niruri). It is also referred to as “Little Mimosa” because its leaf resembles the Mimosa leaf. Another name for it is, “Gripeweed,” maybe because folks “gripe” about how…
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Easter Tradition Brings Beautiful Flowers

Easter Lily bloom

Every year at Easter, you can find the beautiful white flowers of the Easter lily, Lilium longiflorum, gracing the altars at churches and for sale in nurseries.  Covered in large, showy white flowers, Easter Lilies have come to represent the essence of Easter:  purity, virtue, innocence, hope, and life.  If…
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Stop! Don’t Burn Those Leaves

The dazzling display of crimson and orange as autumn summons the changes in the colors of leaves will soon fade within a matter of weeks as tree leaves settle to the ground at our feet. To the untrained eye, their purpose seems to have ended only to be tossed to-and-fro…
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The Secret of Soil

Most gardeners understand that good soil is foundational to good growth. But it may surprise some to know that the soil we live on is very much alive, dynamic, and part of a highly complex ecosystem. What some refer to as “dirt” is actually one of three actors in a…
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Celebrate Arbor Day and Plant a Tree

Trees provide beauty, assist with flood prevention from storm water runoff, control erosion, give off oxygen, save energy, reduce our carbon footprint, and provide food and habitat for wildlife. Trees impact us on personal levels adding financial value to home landscapes and providing a therapeutic boost to our mental wellbeing,…
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10 Fall Garden Chores

Fall is the best the time of the year to get your garden prepared for Spring and to head off common garden problems. The cooler temperatures also make it more pleasant to work outside. 1.Get your soil tested and apply recommended amendments now for a jump on Spring. The soil…
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Join The Count for 2021

Since 2019, UGA Extension, in collaboration with the Center for Urban Agriculture, has host the Great Georgia Pollinator Census. Last year’s census was a huge success, with 3,755 citizen scientists participating in 124 counties across the state. This year, you can be a citizen scientist, too, and join the fun,…
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Little Free Seed Library Grows Community

Like all Girl Scouts, Amelia Reece, a Girl Scout from Paulding County, is always looking for ways to better serve her community. In 2020, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, Amelia saw a way to help others around her. As grocery stores experienced food shortages and adults lost their…
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