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Resources for GA MGEVs

Our monthly Continuing Education series from the State Program Office was full of timely information! Although these Zoom sessions with UGA Extension experts are short and sweet at around 30 minutes each, we spent time soaking in info and scribbling notes on weather, plant disease, turf care, tree installation, African Violets, Extension Master Gardener History and a series on online resources for the MGEV. We are excited to resume these sessions in February 2024, and our calendars and notes are abuzz with planning! We look forward to seeing you online again soon!

Did you miss any of the 2023 Thoughtful Thursday (TT) sessions? Well, no need to fret! All recordings are available through your MGLOG account. Let’s review how to access them:

  1. Log into MGLOG and locate the Thoughtful Thursday Video window on the homepage. Click the square expansion icon to the left of “Thoughtful.”
  2. Click the “View All Thoughtful Thursday Videos” button at the bottom of the expanded window. This button will turn red when you click it.
  3. Now you can see a full list with date and video details for ALL Thoughtful Thursday sessions. Click the red YouTube button to view a video. View in the minimized viewer window that comes up, or look for the “Watch on YouTube” button and click to open the video in a full view in a new tab in your browser.

Even if you participated in all of the 2023 live TT sessions, (Thanks for joining in!) you may still want to access the TT archives in MGLOG as the series dates back to 2018, and there are currently 58 recorded videos available to you for viewing! You can review material or you can certainly view previous recordings and record your time as continuing education in MGLOG if those sessions pre-date your time as a MGEV.

MGEVs are required to complete at least 10 hours of continuing education each year and report it within MGLOG because CE keeps the MGEV informed and knowledgeable about the latest gardening topics and research. You’re over halfway there if you watched all of the 2023 TTs! Continuing education tends to be informal education events, such as an organized class, workshop, or seminar, where the MGEV is the student. Appropriate events should have some structure, like a speaker, defined time and place, and a specific topic. Examples include presentations given by speakers at the meetings of horticultural organizations, including MGEV organizations; national and international conferences; Extension workshops and presentations; and classes at Georgia public gardens.

Attendance at events where the MGEV is the student should not be reported as volunteer service. Be sure to regularly record your continuing education in MGLOG. Instructions for recording continuing education are included on the MGLOG Resources page.