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RMT 4.0 launched late last week and some of you have jumped right in to get your training updated. You’ve learned what we learned at the same time: RMT 4.0 looks and feels different than previous RMT trainings.

If you are new to the Georgia MGEV Program, recall that each year, volunteers complete the required training, “Working with Youth, Managing Risk,” affectionately known as RMT (short for Risk Management Training). Previous iterations of RMT were video-based. You listened to a recorded presentation and saw a few photos, then you took a quiz. Your MGLOG account was updated to reflect that you had completed the training.

We also used to launch RMT update in July, in advance of the 4-H programming cycle that aligns with the school year. This caused extra work for agents and program staff as a lot of syncing and verification had to happen in that one month that the old program year was open but we were preparing for the new one. So, the renewal process now starts in August to avoid that duplication of effort. We hear you — many of you were waiting on the training in July. So were we! We’re now on the same page and totally support this shift that gains a little efficiency.

This time around, RMT takes place through an interactive learning module with three parts. It looks like this:

This is the latest and greatest in online instruction — in fact, I am highly encouraged by instructional designers to take this approach with content in a totally virtual course that I teach for undergraduates. As an instructor, I am really having to adjust my thinking for this approach. But hey! We’re lifelong learners, so we can do this! This interactive approach offers quite a bit different experience for the learner, but I think the benefit is that it offers something for multiple learning preferences. We hear you — it can be quite startling when you’re used to something else!

So, this interactive learning module has all kinds of components. It has voice recordings, videos, text blocks, important files for download, and links for additional learning. While you have to work through all of the content in order to complete the module, it does allow you to work through it in whatever order you wish. One thing I liked about RMT 4.0 was watching the youth in action at all kinds of activities. We hear you — I wish I saw videos of youth potting up plants or making cuttings or even planting a garden. We’ll just have to provide the video clips so that they are incorporated next round!

This version of RMT covers a few more topics than have been covered before. There’s a section on equal opportunity, accommodations, and even further clarification about what to do if you suspect a situation that needs to be reported. I appreciated that clarification, especially since many of you have asked questions along these lines in the “Gardening with Youth” training that we offer.

So, about that quiz…Yes, there is still a quiz attached to the RMT 4.0 training. As with past versions, 100% accuracy is expected for successful completion. If you’re confused by the directions on the training site to look for a quiz link in an email (this is the way 4-H volunteer access it), just remember that MGEVs access their RMT resources (including their unique quiz link) through their MGLOG account. Just click back over to your MGLOG tab on your web browser:

And then click the second red button to take your quiz:

Through the years, many MGEVs have expressed their desire to work with plants, and not necessarily children. We hear you. Really, we do. There’s no requirement to volunteer in support of youth-centric projects, but there is the requirement that you know how to work with this audience should you find yourself in that setting. We know you want to be knowledgeable and prepared in all that you do. We know that you put your best foot forward to meet these training requirements. We appreciate the effort that you make to be the best adult volunteer that you can, even if that is preparing for a youth audience when you’ll likely address other audiences. Thank you for sharing UGA’s commitment to keeping young people safe. Completing this annual training helps us prepare to do just that.

PS: Don’t forget to record in MGLOG your time for completing RMT. This is a unique training — you can count it as continuing education or you can report it as volunteer service time, whichever you want — just be sure to count your time! If you report it as Continuing Education, select “Extension presentation” as the CE category. If you report it as volunteer service hours, choose “General Extension Support” as the project name.

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