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“Volunteering is empathy in action.”


As a volunteer, you are an example of how giving of your time can have a valuable, positive impact on those around you. As a Master Gardener Extension Volunteer, you go a step further and connect people with plants.

This week, we send an enormous “thank you” to each of you as we celebrate National Volunteer Week! We salute you for the hours that you have served, supporting UGA Extension in its mission to support lifelong learning. For the countless meetings you have attended, the chairs you have arranged, the call that you have made, the emails that you have sent and answered, all in the name of gardening projects for Extension. For the countless holes that you have dug, the soil under your nails, the sweat on your brow, all for sharing your love of plants with someone else.

All across Georgia, people have been introduced to plants because of you. Countless students have marveled at the bean sprout emerging from its seed and thrilled at the accomplishment of picking their first vegetable. People have learned how to care for plants and gardens that support our pollinators and protect our streams, rivers, and lakes.

Whether you are a brand-new Master Gardener Extension Volunteer, or one who has served for decades, we are so fortunate and thankful to have you as part of our team!