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This summer, we launched a great endeavor — a strategic planning project for the Georgia MGEV Program (you can read more about it here). Our project has three stages — listening and exploring, formulating and sharing, and implementation. Right on schedule, we are wrapping up the first stage, listening and exploring, that included 4 surveys and 6 facilitated discussions with MGEVs, agents and program assistants, state-level administration and specialists, and even the general public.

I am thrilled to tell you that we received the participation we were looking for! MGEVs contributed significantly to the process, with 700 surveys received and 21 participating in discussions sessions via Zoom. Agents and Program Assistants returned 78 surveys and 21 individuals participated in discussions. State-level participants shared 35 surveys and 15 individuals contributed to virtual discussions. More than 100 surveys were received from the general public.

Over the next few months, our strategic planning team will be analyzing the information received and preparing for the second stage of the project, formulating and sharing. We’ll be refreshing our program mission statement, developing a vision statement, and presenting the core values that rose to the top during our listening and exploring stage. Along the way, there will be continued opportunity for participation. To make sure that we get it right, we’ll share our draft mission and vision statements with everyone and let you pick.

Thank you, again, for playing such an active role in this meaningful project!

Many thanks to our Strategic Planning Team for providing direction to the project:

  • Paul Pugliese, Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent and County Extension Coordinator, Bartow County
  • Joel Burnsed, Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent and County Extension Coordinator, Walton County
  • Tim Daly, Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent, Gwinnett County
  • Kathy Hensley, Agriculture and Natural Resources Program Assistant, Bibb County
  • Cynthia McCrary, Program Assistant, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Fayette County

Many thanks to these individuals for their contributions to the listening and exploring stage:


  • Dr. Kristi Farner, Program and Staff Development Specialist, UGA College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, Office of Learning and Organizational Development
  • Keri Hobbs, Extension Specialist for Volunteer Development with UGA Extension and Georgia 4-H


  • Jeffrey Burke, UGA Extension and Georgia 4-H
  • Stephanie Butcher, UGA Extension, Coweta County
  • Katie Fife, UGA College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, Office of Learning and Organizational Development
  • Tony Hunlen, UGA Extension and Georgia 4-H, AmeriCorps VISTA
  • Charlotte Meeks, UGA Extension, Houston County
  • Wade Parker, UGA Extension, Southeast District
  • Sarah Sawyer, Georgia Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Program, State Program Office
  • Mary Carol Sheffield, UGA Extension, Paulding County
  • Amanda Tedrow, UGA Extension, Northeast District
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