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Master Gardener University '13
So, we opened our blog a few months ago with a description of a trellis as support for garden plants and a place to showcase those plants. Sometimes a trellis needs some slats or woven wires or some bit of framework for the plants to grab hold of or weave themselves between. That’s how we see the Advanced Training sessions we have begun to offer.

Are you asking “What is Advanced Training?” I am realizing that not all Georgia MGs are familiar with Advanced Training, so let me share some details! We also post more information on the Georgia Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Program website.

Advanced Training is a means for MGEVs to increase their skills and knowledge in several key subject areas. Those areas have been designated as Urban Forestry and Ecology, Youth and Community Gardens, Water Quality Management, Sustainable Garden and Landscape, and Diagnostics and Technology. There is also a “required” category that includes teaching, leadership, and communications. For each day of Extension conducted and approved Advanced Training, you collect a certificate. Once you reach the appropriate number of certificates, you can obtain Silver or Gold Star recognition.

Silver Star —  A current, active MGEV with 5 total training certificates, including 4 certificates from any subject area (listed above) and 1 “required” certificate

Gold Star — A current, active MGEV with 6 total training certificates, including 3 certificates from the same subject area, 1 “required” certificate, and any additional 2 subject matter certificates. This recognition also includes completion of a project approved by the Extension agent.

To get you started on your Advanced Training quest, we offered “Creative Teaching Techniques” in October. This class was from the “required” category. We will offer it again on November 30 (contact your local Extension agent for a registration form).

We are also planning additional subject matter Advanced Trainings in 2013. Be sure to watch the Georgia MGEV Program website for updates and details!

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