Coming up this fall at the 2019 GACAA Annual Meeting and Professional Improvement Conference we will be electing several new board members.

The position of Treasurer will be up for election. This position is open to anyone in the state. The Treasurer shall keep all funds and properties of GACAA, maintain general fund account, maintain records of all receipts and disbursements and account balances and pay all bills.  The Treasurer shall manage the Scholarship fund to maximize growth. The Treasurer shall receive membership dues and reports for membership chairs and prepare NACAA membership report and provide the Secretary copies of membership reports. The Treasurer shall recommend a depository for GACAA funds to GACAA Board, provide for an annual audit and receive monies and registration for GACAA Annual Meeting. The Treasurer shall make an annual report to the general membership at the Annual Meeting.  The Treasurer serves a 3-year term.

The position of Vice-President will also be up for election.  This position should come from a member in the Southwest District.  This person will serve a 4 year commitment as they will rotate through at Vice-President, President-Elect, President and Past President.  This is the most important position on the board and carries the most responsibility.  As Vice-President, the elected member will plan and organize the Sunbelt Ag Expo Food Booth.  The President-Elect is in charge of planning the GACAA AM/PIC.  The President oversees all official association business and the Past President serves as an adviser.  There are multiple opportunities to attend some additional conferences and special events representing GACAA.

There will also be Junior Director positions from each district open for new nominees as well as committee member and chair positions available.

If you are interested in serving in any of these offices or positions or if you have questions, please reach out to any of the current board members.  I have provided links to the contacts for the board and also to the GACAA Handbook that provides additional descriptions.

2019 GACAA Officers Contact Info

2019 District Directors Contact Info

GACAA Handbook