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When to Cull Cattle

When to Cull Cattle By: Raymond Fitzpatrick   It’s the time of year for farmers that you are feeding hay and other supplemental feeding, and like it or not that cuts into your bottom line when it comes time to take those cattle to market.  Many farmers think in terms…
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When To Prune Fruit Trees

When To Prune Fruit Trees By:  Raymond Fitzpatrick   One of the questions that I get this time of year is when do I prune my fruit trees and the answer that I always give is, it depends. It depends on the crop that we are talking about and the…
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What to do with my Pastures Now

With so much uncertainty with the weather this year, one of the questions that I have been getting a lot is what can I do now? Some people are asking is it too late to plant fescue and the answer is yes. Others want to look into reestablishing their bermuda…
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Happy Home Flavoring Fundraiser

Franklin County 4-H is now selling Happy Home Flavorings at the Extension Office.  Cost is $4.oo per bottle and proceeds benefit Franklin County 4-H.Happy Home Flavoring Flyer
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Franklin County Extension invites you to join Walk Georgia

Walk Georgia is a free, online program designed to combat obesity by increasing physical activity in a fun, community-oriented way. The goals of Walk Georgia are to help participants: Develop lifelong habits of regular physical activity Get healthier and more physically fit Have fun while strengthening community ties Walk Georgia…
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