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Fall Cover Crop

Can’t decide what you want to do with your garden spot this fall. Maybe you have planted a cool season garden in the past and you just don’t want to this year for one reason or another, but you also don’t want your garden to be taken over with weeds…
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Managing Forages When It’s Dry

June 19-25 is considered National Forage Week, and in Georgia we are going to be celebrating with not much forage to speak of. The extreme heat and lack of rain is playing a big role in the amount of forages that we are producing this year.  So here are some…
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Blossom End Rot

As we start to get into the heat of the summer one of the biggest concerns of home gardeners is that status of their vegetable gardens especially their tomatoes. I get a number of calls every year what is wrong with my tomatoes. And many times it is that pesky…
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Protecting Georgia’s Pollinators

Many food items, including fresh fruits and vegetables, would never make it to grocery store or farmers market shelves without the help of beneficial insects like honeybees and butterflies. The number of these pollinating insects in the U.S. is declining, and to help, Georgia agricultural experts developed a statewide plan…
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Buying Vegetable Transplants

Many Gardner’s purchase transplants rather than grow their own.  A healthy, strong transplant will recover from the shock of transplanting more quickly and produce higher yields at harvest. Some things to look for in desirable transplants are: Good Color- A transplant with a deep green color could indicate plants have…
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Franklin County 4-H’ers Score Well in State Livestock Judging Contest

Franklin County’s Junior 4-H livestock judging team came away with 2nd place honors. In the 2016 State Livestock Judging Contest. Merrit Eavenson was ranked 5th high individual in the contest, with Lex Turner and Lydia Rolison tying for 1st in the sheep and goats category. Members of the local teams…
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