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Local Corn Plot at Bell Farms

A corn variety trial was planted in Evans County by Stephen Bell with the help of Candler/Evans County ANR Agent Ross Greene on April 13, 2022. The variety trial was located at Bell Farms off of HWY 169 just south of Bellville, GA . The trial consisted of ten different corn varieties from different seed companies with three replications of each variety. There were some challenges with the corn plot this year that depressed the yield a little bit so these results are a good reflection of corn varieties for a field with limited irrigation. The on-farm corn trial was harvested on September the 14, 2022 by Canoochee Farms, and the yield results are listed down below.

Challenges with this plot:

  1. This is a very sandy field.
  2. This plot got hit with one of those 10 day hot spells during the middle of pollination.
  3. The pivot had a few issues that delayed irrigation.
  4. Water in the pond got low and had to wait a few days for the water to catch up before irrigation.

I want to thank Pioneer, Dekalb, NK Syngenta, Local Seed, and Dyna-Gro Seeds for donating us the plot seed. We would not be able to do plots like this without their support so thank your local seed reps when you see them. I also would like to thank Bell Farms for hosting the plot, Mr. Andy Hendrix with Canoochee Farms for harvesting it for us, and the guys at Bayer Crop Science (Dekalb/Asgrow/Deltapine) for providing us a set of scales to weigh the plots. If any of you are interested in doing a plot next year please let me know this winter so we can make preparations.

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