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Many of you have sweet corn planted and some of it is not far away from harvesting. Sweet Corn will be ready for harvest around 20 days after the first silks are seen. Watering your sweet corn is very important and it needs at least an inch of water per week. It is crucial for your corn to have water during the pollination and during the kernel fill stages. I have found that watering every other day works for me during this time unless we have received sufficient rain.

Once you have harvested your corn make sure to cook it or place it in a refrigerator/cooler with ice to keep it fresh. Harvesting your corn in the morning time when it is cool makes it easier to get the corn cooled down for storage. If you must harvest some in the heat of the day try to cool it down as soon as possible with ice or cool water before putting it in the refrigerator.  

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Preparation – Select only tender, freshly-gathered corn in the milk stage. Husk and trim the ears, remove silks and wash.

Corn-on-the-cob – Water blanch small ears (1¼ inches or less in diameter) 7 minutes, medium ears (1¼ to 1½ inches in diameter) 9 minutes and large ears (over 1½ inches in diameter) 11 minutes. Cool promptly and completely to prevent a “cobby” taste. Drain and package. Seal and freeze.

Whole Kernel Corn – Water blanch 4 minutes. Cool promptly, drain and cut from cob. Cut kernels from cob about 2/3 the depth of the kernels. Package, leaving ½-inch headspace. Seal and freeze.

Cream Style Corn – Water blanch 4 minutes. Cool promptly and drain. Cut kernel tips and scrape the cobs with the back of a knife to remove the juice and the heart of the kernel. Package, leaving ½-inch headspace. Seal and freeze.

Another way to prepare cream style corn for freezing is to cut and scrape the corn from the cob without blanching. Place the cut corn in a double boiler, and heat with constant stirring for about 10 minutes or until it thickens; allow to cool by placing the pan in ice water. Package in moisture-vapor resistant containers, leaving ½-inch headspace. Seal and freeze.