From Dr. Bob Kemerait:

“We have had significant rain in Tifton over the past 24 hours; I know many you probably received even more than we did. A few notes for you today:

1.  Asian soybean rust is now confirmed on kudzu in Seminole and Lowndes Counties. Weather like we are having now (and more on Thursday) should help spread the disease. This could affect our soybean crop.

2. Our earliest-planted corn is now in the V7-V8 growth stage and likely “knee-high” or so. While it is too early for southern corn rust, it is not too early to be vigilant for norther and southern corn leaf blights, especially for susceptible varieties, short rotations, and conservation tillage. Growers could consider treating with a fungicide by the V10 stage if disease is developing. 

3. With the help of Dr. Joe LaForest, we now have an automated Peanut Rx on our UGA Peanut Extension page. Shortly I will send you instructions as to how this can be converted to a direct link similar to an  “app” for use on  smart phone.”