Growers in Crisp Co that were affected by Hurricane Michael are eligible to apply for these grants which were formally announced yesterday. This means we have a timeline for the application process, here’s GDA’s summary:

The Georgia Department of Agriculture will begin accepting online applications for the $347 million in block grant funds on March 18, 2020. Georgia farmers and forest landowners in 95 eligible counties, who suffered losses to beef, dairy, fruit and vegetable, pecan, poultry, timber, and uninsured infrastructure, will need to enroll in the recovery program beginning March 18. The federal block grants seek to help recover losses not covered under existing USDA Farm Service Agency programs.

Only online applications will be accepted. While mobile phones may be used to sign up and log in, applicants are strongly encouraged to complete the application using a computer to ensure proper upload and attachment of required documents.

All applications must be completed and submitted by April 8, 2020.

In preparation, please consult the guide below for helpful tips to apply for the Georgia Farmer Recovery Block Grant application.

Here’s the link to the application:

Here’s a PDF going over the application process including what documents you’ll need:

Click here to watch yesterday’s press conference with Governor Kemp where the grants announcement was made.

Thanks and reach out to me (229)-417-7062 if you have any questions.

Best Wishes,

Joshua Grant