I know y’all are soil sampling, selling equipment, buying implements, watching the forecast/rain, making planting choices….etc.

On top of your daily routine there’s all these meetings to keep track of. We had a wonderful turnout for this past Mondays Peanut meeting, over 50 people. Will be sending out the info from the meeting soon.

SE fruit & Veggie, Peanut Commission, and GWA meetings are behind us. Today is the Cotton Commission meeting in Tifton.

Please see the upcoming events below and RSVP accordingly and I hope we can keep our sanity as we juggle everything. Thanks and let me know if you have any questions (229-417-7062).

Best Wishes, Joshua Grant

When I have a schedule for the Using Pesticides Wisely Classes I’ll let y’all know. 

Tifton Ag Forecast – Fri, Jan 31 – UGA Tifton Conference Center – 7:30-10a – Register here: https://events.attend.com/f/1383790579

Crisp Co Pecan Production Meeting – RSVP has past, but let us know if you need to sneak in.

Dooly Co Hemp Production Meeting – RSVP by tomorrow (01/30/2020) by calling: 229-268-4171.

Crisp Co Corn & Soybean Production Meeting – RSVP to us (229-276-2613) by Feb 3rd.

Crisp Co Watermelon Production Meeting – RSVP to us (229-276-2613) by Feb 6th.

Our last three Production Meetings are Row Crop Disease and Cotton whose dates can be found on the flyer below. Our Weed Science meeting will be hosted by Dooly Co.

Lastly, in March there will be a Livestock Banquet on the 2nd, the Crisp Co Farmers’ Appreciation Dinner on the 5th, and the County Livestock Show on the 11th. More info on each of these to come.