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Using Pesticides Wisely – Georgia 2023.
1. As mandated by federal labels, one must hold a private or commercial pesticide applicator license to
purchase and use the restricted use herbicides Engenia, XtendiMax, and Tavium. Use is limited to ONLY
those persons holding a private or commercial applicator certification. It is no longer permissible for noncertified applicators to apply these products under the direct supervision of the certified applicator.
2. Prior to applying these products in 2023, ALL applicators must be trained according to the federal labels.
In Georgia, applicators must complete the 2023 UPW classroom training with locations provided below.
Individual and/or on-line trainings WILL NOT be available for 2023.
3. Those needing pesticide credit but not applying Engneia, XtendiMax, or Tavium are welcome to attend.
4. Bring your pesticide license; 2 hours of pesticide credit for private or commercial will be offered.
5. The meeting will last about 1.5 hours; NO beverages or meals will be provided.
6. Attendee’s names will be placed on a list posted to the Georgia Department of Agriculture’s auxin website
at https://agr.georgia.gov/dicamba; this link is different than in previous years!

UPW-2023 PDF

If you are interested in attending the Colquitt County location please call the office or go to this RSVP link.