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UGA Cotton Newsletter April 2021

The UGA Cotton newsletter is now posted on the UGA Cotton Team website and is available here:

Articles in this month’s issue include:

  1. Using Pesticides Wisely 2021 and Paraquat Training Update (Stanley Culpepper, UGA and Jesse
    Kelly and Jennifer Wren, GDA)
  2. Considerations for Peak Planter Performance (Simer Virk and Wesley Porter)
  3. Early season disease and nematode management (Bob Kemerait)
  4. Germination and Stand Establishment in Cotton (John Snider, Gurpreet Virk, Camp Hand)
  5. It’s go time (Camp Hand)
  6. Thrips Management (Phillip Roberts)
  7. Irrigation System Prep and Early Season Water Requirements for Cotton Production (Wesley
    Porter and David Hall)
  8. Silverleaf Whitefly Update (Phillip Roberts)
  9. Can you survive without Valor, Reflex, and other PPO herbicides? (Stanley Culpepper and Taylor

Also, links to the 2021 Virtual Production Meeting Videos for cotton are now available on the website as well, and can be found here:

If you have questions please contact your local county Extension agent…

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