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PEANUT Rx: I have been getting questions about peanut fungicide programs.  Peanut RX is a way to determine your risk level for leaf spot and soil borne disease, and use the most conservative fungicide program as a base for developing your per field prescription spray program.  Using “prescription” fungicide programs based upon risk assessment in the field may also be an excellent strategy to reduce use of fungicides in general. Risk factors include variety, planting date, row pattern, tillage, crop rotation and field history.  If you have questions about this call or email me at the Colquitt County Extension office. 


UGA Small Grain Variety Data:  The Georgia and Florida 2013-2014 Small Grain for Grain preliminary data is now available on the Statewide Variety Testing web site:  www.swvt.uga.edu.  Also the Small Grain for Forage preliminary data (except for Calhoun ryegrass) is also available on this web site.


Be on the lookout for armyworms in pastures and hayfields!!:  I got a call or two from Colquitt County forage growers about armyworms in hayfields today (6-26-14).  Get out and scout your fields. Anything more than 3 larvae (1/2 in. long or longer) per ft2 is a treatable level.  Below is a link to labelled insecticides and their PHIs for treating armyworms in perennial forages.