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New report: “Dealing with climate change is a matter of managing risk”

Farmers are masters of managing risk.  They have to deal with variable weather, swings in the market, labor issues and many other factors on a daily basis.  A new report on fighting global warming released today explains that making choices to manage the risks of climate change is like insuring…
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Nice website for getting cattle heat stress predictions

The USDA has a nice website for daily forecasts for cattle heat stress at If you click on your regional link you get a day by day forecast of heat stress for the next seven days. You can also find out more information on the AnimalAgClimateChange website here.
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Kudzu marches north as climate warms

Bloomberg News reported on July 25 that kudzu, the bane of the South, is now moving farther and farther north as the temperature increases.  In addition to covering much of Georgia, Alabama and North Carolina (including a few areas of my yard that need some work), it has now been…
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