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Where did Erika go?

After all the dire predictions of rain for the Southeast, today is relatively sunny and dry.  What happened to the predictions of heavy rain from the remains of TS Erika? The radar shows the blob of rain that was formerly Erika spinning just off the west coast of Florida.  So…
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Agricultural losses in Puerto Rico due to TS Erika top $20 million

Estimates of the agricultural losses in Puerto Rico continue to rise following the passage of Tropical Storm Erika a few days ago.  The current estimates are for losses in excess of $20 million. Caribbean Business reported here that the most damaged crops, particularly due to Erika’s winds, are plantains and bananas,…
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Historic hurricane outbreak in the Pacific Ocean

My friend Chris Robbins has a great post on the string of hurricanes that is moving through the eastern and central Pacific Ocean today in his blog at  You can read it and see some images of all the storms at The unusually warm water associated with both the…
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