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“Florida volumes bounce back with ‘perfect’ weather”

The Packer published a roundup of crop summaries for Florida vegetable and fruit production this year earlier this week.  You can find it here.  In the article they say “Following difficult, weather-related growing conditions that negatively impacted many commodities last spring, this year’s outlook has been optimistically deemed “as good…
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One-third rule for calculating wet-bulb temperature can help determine when to irrigate for frost prevention

Farmers use a variety of techniques to help protect their vulnerable crops against frost damage when temperatures get near 32 F, including irrigation, large fans, or other heating methods.  But it is hard to know when to start the frost prevention measures, because if you wait until it gets to…
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Potential for mid-week hard freeze

Even though most people are watching colder temperatures and a slight possibility for wintry precipitation this weekend, especially in the northern mountainous areas, I think the real concern this week is going to be the potential for a hard freeze mid-week across a lot of the Southeast north of the…
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