Climate and Agriculture in the Southeast

Dangers of drought-stressed corn

This year the Southeast is in good shape, with no drought in the state.  But many areas in the Corn Belt are having problems with moisture this year.  Corn grown under those conditions can accumulate high levels of nitrates, which are harmful for animals that eat it. Growing Georgia published…
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Expansion of abnormally dry conditions in VA, NC and SC

The latest Drought Monitor map shows that due to extremely dry conditions along the Piedmont and surrounding regions in Virginia, North Carolina and far northeast South Carolina, abnormally dry conditions have expanded.  The rest of the Southeast has received abundant rain and no dry conditions are present.
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Dry conditions removed from Georgia but expand in Virginia

The last patch of abnormally dry conditions is finally gone from Georgia, but dry conditions have expanded in Virginia to cover a good part of the state, according to the latest Drought Monitor released this morning. No drought is expected over most of the Southeast for the next few weeks…
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