While we are almost to November, the tropics still have a couple of areas of potential development over the next seven days. An area east of the Bahamas shows a 40% chance of development in the next two days, but it has gotten less likely over the past day and only has a short window of potential development before the conditions become too hostile to allow any development. If by some chance it did develop, it would probably be a named storm for less than 24 hours before falling apart. The other area south of Cuba and east of Central America has a 30% chance of development in the next week and is showing some signs of slow organization that may be worth keeping an eye on.

Tropical storms are rare in November but they do occur from time to time, and the Gulf of Mexico is still very warm so would support development. However, the fronts that will move through the Southeast in the next couple of weeks are likely to keep any movement of a developed system away from us, so there are no significant concerns for the Southeast at this point.

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