Here are some stories on climate and agriculture in the news that I found interesting. Maybe you will too. Some of these may be paywalled.

Modern Farmer: ‘A Silent Killer’: How Saltwater Intrusion is Overtaking Coastal Farmland in the US

Washington Post: Maui’s neglected grasslands caused Lahaina fire to grow with deadly speed

Los Angeles Times: Was Hurricane Hilary overhyped? It wasn’t unprecedented, but warnings likely saved lives

Yale Climate Connections: The most surprising hurricanes to not get their names retired

Growing Produce: Microsprinklers Tapped To Help Protect Blueberry Blooms from Heat Injury

New York Times: America Is Using Up Its Groundwater Like There’s No Tomorrow

The Guardian: The summer food went weird: searing heat reshapes US food production Are weather apps lying? The truth is in the dew point.

Source: Dr. Duncan Pepper, Commons Wikimedia