If you are like me, you like to read articles listing the “top ten” of a food type, a place to visit, or things not to say to your boss. Here’s one from Yahoo that lists ten foods that may be more difficult to buy next year. While some of the shortages are related to the ongoing war in Ukraine, many of them are also related to disastrous weather that affected the crops in 2022, such as Hurricane Ian and oranges in Florida. Of course, any kind of weather disaster can also impact the transportation of food from the area of production to where you live, so that can also factor into availability. While I don’t think that any of these food products will completely disappear from the store shelves, it does seem likely that prices will rise even more than they already have, so keep that in mind for your diet this year.

Citrus groves in Florida remained under flood waters Sept. 13 after Hurricane Irma. “It’s still too early to know the full extent of the damage to Florida citrus,” Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam said in a Sept. 13 news release. Photo by Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services