After one of the warmest ever starts to November, things are about to change. The forecast for the next two weeks shows a high probability of temperatures that are below normal. The long-range forecasts for weeks 3 and 4 vary, with some showing a return to warmer temperatures while others say the colder conditions will continue. Either way, it will slow down any plant growth, and frost is likely to cut off the growing season in a lot of the region either this week or in the next few weeks.

The cold temperatures will also contribute to a big increase in the accumulated chill hours needed by fruit trees. This is good for the total accumulations, which have been lower than the long-term average in recent years, but it might make the fruit crops more susceptible to spring frost if we experience a warm spell early in spring followed by freezing conditions, which we have experienced several times in the past few years.

Rainfall for most of the region has been above normal due to the path of TS Nicole over the area. It brought welcome rain to many areas, but too late to help a lot of crops since it is so close to the end of the growing season.

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