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Today is Cloud Appreciation Day!

If you love watching the clouds, today is your day! According to their website, “This year, for the first time, the Cloud Appreciation Society is launching Cloud Appreciation Day on Friday September 16th. This will be an internationally recognized day when people around the world are encouraged to spend a few moments appreciating the beauty of the sky. We are launching our new Memory Cloud Atlas, as a place where anyone on the day can share an image of their sky and write or record some words on how it makes them feel. The Memory Cloud Atlas will serve as a snapshot on a single day of our collective views on the most dynamic, evocative and accessible part of nature: the sky.” You can read more at EarthSky here along with viewing some beautiful cloud pictures. If you want more cloud pictures, visit the Cloud Appreciation Society’s gallery at Photo Gallery – Cloud Appreciation Society.

Source: Zachary Houri, Commons Wikimedia