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Another mostly dry week

We are in a typical summertime pattern with mostly pop-up storms that provide just hit or miss precipitation right now. For most areas, that means they won’t see much rain this week. The highest chances are in southern Florida and in Virginia and eastern North Carolina. The weak low that moved onshore along the East Coast in the last couple of days is moving out and mid-week looks free of rain, but then the chances go up somewhat by the end of the week. The very long-range forecasts from the GFS model show a chance of a tropical system near the end of the month, but GFS is known for spinning up storms that never happen, so nothing to get excited about at this point until other models also start to pick it up and the time gets closer. In the meantime, temperatures across the region are likely to be warmer than normal for most of the next month, which will add to the water woes that some farmers are seeing now.