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Nothing Left: Kansas Ranchers Lose Houses, Barns and Livestock in Uncontrollable Wildfires

Another tragedy due to wild weather occurred this week in Kansas, as the hurricane-force winds that occurred across the central Plains led to out-of control wildfires that destroyed homes, barns, and livestock. This storm system also brought tornadoes as far north as Minnesota and central Wisconsin, something that is just astounding to me as the former Wisconsin State Climatologist. It’s mid-December! The winds associated with the storm not only caused the dangerous wildfires but moved the Wisconsin tornado at well over 100 mph. The storm system had more high wind (greater than 65 mph) than any previous December storm (and maybe any storm in any season). AgWeb posted a story describing the devastation due to the wildfires and the losses to farmers. Please keep these folks in your thoughts as well as those recovering from the tornadoes and severe weather over the past weekend in Kentucky, Illinois, Arkansas, and other areas.