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Tropical update

Today Subtropical Storm Teresa formed in the Atlantic. It is a weak storm with some tropical characteristics and is not expected to be around for long.It won’t affect the US at all. Meanwhile, Hurricane Sam is intensifying and is expected to become a major hurricane on Saturday. Fortunately, the current models mostly hold Sam out to sea, although a few indicate it could come close to Puerto Rico, so it will need to be watched. Not too likely it would hit the US mainland at this point. A new wave is coming off of Africa in the next day or two, and that has a 50 percent chance of becoming a named storm in the next five days. That would most likely be Victor. Of course it is far too early to determine what will become of that circulation but we will have a lot of time to watch it before it gets close to the Southeast. Long-range forecasts indicate there is a chance of development in the Gulf in early to mid-October, but those forecasts are very uncertain at this point so not much to plan for.