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North Carolina Pig Farms Survive Isaias

During Hurricanes Matthew and Fay, flooding rains from these storms caused major problems for hog farmers in North Carolina. Fortunately, early reports from the pork industry indicate that Isaias have not caused any significant problems for hog producers, although there was some loss of power and some wind damage. You can read more about it at Farm Journal’s Pork Business here. I will note that in those previous storms, initial industry reports of little damage were later found to be incorrect, so we may have to wait for more thorough assessments before we are sure of the amount of damage. Still, the fast-moving storm dropped less rain than the previous storms, and the ground was already dry, so it was able to absorb most of what fell, so they may have dodged a bullet this time.

Hogs atop a barn in Trenton, NC, after Hurricane Floyd. (Image from the Wilmington StarNews)