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Isaias starts to affect Florida

As of 8 pm on Saturday, Isaias has been downgraded to a tropical storm, but is expected to go back up to hurricane force overnight. The storm has been pretty disorganized today due to dry air being pulled into the circulation from land, but some new convection is popping up, which may help the storm strengthen. The storm’s path has been edging slightly west of previous predictions, and it is now expected to make landfall in Florida and drop back to a tropical storm before going off the coast and making a second landfall in South Carolina. The current path brings it inland through SC, NC and VA before it heads to New Jersey and points north. This will affect the rainfall pattern I posted earlier today for this week’s precipitation. Rainfall along the Georgia coast has been bumped up to 2-4 inches, although it is still in a fairly narrow band. (UPDATE: Sunday morning it was back to under 2 inches due to a weaker storm). Since the storm will be over land, it should be weaker through the Carolinas and Virginia but certainly capable of doing damage, especially where soils are very wet from the rainfall. I won’t be posting regularly here overnight but you can get the latest updates from