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Low over southwest GA brings rain to the region, may become tropical off the Carolina coast

Today’s low over southwest Georgia has brought intermittent showers to Georgia and parts of Alabama and South Carolina today. Tonight the center of rotation is near Macon, but it is expected to slowly move towards the northeast. If it moves over the warm water off the coast of the Carolinas, it has a 40 percent chance of developing into a named storm in the next five days, which would be Fay. If you missed Tropical Storms Dolly and Edouard, don’t feel bad, because they were what we call ‘fish’ storms, which mean they stayed out to sea and did not affect land. It was the earliest E storm to ever have developed in the Atlantic! Rain is likely to continue for the next day or two as the low moves through the region. With more dust in the main development area of the Atlantic, we don’t expect much to happen there for the next week. There is a disorganized wave there now but it has practically no chance of growing.