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Latest outlook for April 2020 shows warmer and wetter than normal, no frost likely

The latest monthly outlook from NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center shows that warmer and wetter than normal conditions are expected to continue through most of the Southeast for the next month. The only place without a tilt towards wet conditions is the Florida peninsula, where dry conditions have persisted over the last few weeks.

In a change from earlier expectations, the strong ridge of high pressure over the eastern US is now expected to hold on for the next few weeks, making it unlikely that we will see another frost this year in the southern half of the region except for perhaps a few small, isolated spots at higher elevations or in known frost pockets. While frost cannot be completely ruled out, the weather pattern this year has just not been conducive to cold outbreaks from the Arctic, in spite of the neutral ENSO conditions we have experienced (although they are on the warm side of neutral).