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Aging US dams pose risk to thousands

In the past, I worked for the National Weather Service on rainfall studies for dam-building out West, so I am always interested in stories about dams and especially about problems with dams. Here is an AP story that came out last week on how many dams in the US are getting older and more likely to fail due to problems with maintenance, bad design, or just old age. According to the report, Georgia led the nation with nearly 200 high-hazard dams in unsatisfactory or poor condition. Even if the climate does not change, these dams will become more of a hazard in the future due to age, but with more likely flooding rains in the future in a warmer climate, people living downstream will be more threatened than ever. You can read more here.

Reservoir No. 1, a 180 million-gallon water supply that has been out of service much of the past few decades, sits against the backdrop of the Atlanta skyline on October 15, 2019. AP photo by David Goldman.