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Moderate drought and dry conditions expand across the region

The record-setting hot temperatures and the almost complete lack of rain this week have led to the expansion of moderate drought and abnormally dry conditions across the region. Moderate drought was introduced in southeastern Alabama and North Carolina and expanded in Georgia and South Carolina. No severe drought is identified in the DM yet, but from what I have heard from farmers, it certainly sounds like it is present in some areas. If you have impacts to report, please use the Drought Impact Reporter I mentioned in a post earlier this week (or Google “drought impact reporter”).  Abnormally dry conditions expanded in all states and was introduced into Virginia as well. Puerto Rico is the only region with a slight reduction in drought due to some heavy rain in parts of the island last week.

Almost no rain is expected for the plains south of the Fall Line in Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina away from the coast in the center of high pressure, although cooler temperatures should help a bit there. Other areas are expected to see more rain. After that a pattern shift should bring more rain back to the whole region, but we will have to see if it is in time to save the corn crop, which is pollination in some areas now and desperately needs moisture.