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We’re past the average coldest day of the year!

NOAA’s provides a lot of interesting statistics on the climate. Thankfully, they are back after the shutdown! And even though this is an article from 2014, it still contains valuable information, including a map which shows the average coldest day of the year. While it’s a little hard to decipher the various shades of blue, the map shows that for the Southeast, the coldest day of the year on the average is mid to late January, and now that we are in February we are definitely past that.  Of course, each year is different, and a cold event like the recent polar outbreak could happen in February, but I am hopeful we are past the worst of winter. This week’s warm temperatures have certainly felt like it, and I intend to enjoy it before our return to more normal temperatures on Friday. You can read the 2014 article that describes the map at