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“Flyover reveals the devastation in Florence’ wake”

The Southeast Farm Press posted a story earlier this week about what flyovers of the area affected by Hurricane Florence are showing for farmers in southeastern North Carolina, and it’s not pretty. The heaviest flooding is hitting just where agricultural production is the most concentrated, causing potentially huge losses for farmers there. This is just two years after severe agricultural losses due to Hurricane Matthew in 2016. Flooding is expected to continue for a long time as water is still moving down the rivers towards the Atlantic Ocean. And now there is a chance of additional rain from a tropical system which is trying to regenerate in part from the remains of Florence, which got absorbed by a front but which still has some residual spin and may move back along the east coast of North Carolina in the next few days. You can read more here.

An aerial view shows the utter devastation caused by Hurricane Florence in Dillon County, S.C.