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“Blast from the past” shows that greenhouse warming knowledge is nothing new

A friend of mine sent this video clip from an old television show called “Bell Telephone’s Science Hour” made in 1958. It was directed by Frank Capra, the famous movie director. This clip was from an episode called “The Unchained Goddess” which was about the weather. Amazingly, I remember this program being shown at a school assembly back in the mid 1960’s when I was in grade school up in Michigan. The clip from the program shows that even back in 1958 when the episode was made, scientists at that time already knew about the potential warming the earth’s atmosphere could experience due to carbon dioxide.  So when someone tells you the idea of global warming has been around for only a few years, you can point them to this video clip and tell them we have known about it for a long time. See the video and read more about it at